Castle Oil & Gas Fields Services LLC

Technology Transfer

CASTLE has developed a Technology Transfer Method that focuses on the effective transfer of know-how and technology capabilities from mature business as well as from new technological ongoing development toward the accepting party.

The Method has been developed mainly to operate a progressive Technology Transfer that could allow the effective establishment of a duplicate of the original enterprise but incorporating the local characterisations given by the country of deployment of the know-how, all in terms of overall technological and industrial development, availability of human resources, logistic net and legislative main frame.

The overall Method is addressed to industrial corporations that would to delocalise their productions as well to public institutions that would attract a particular technology in a dedicated industrial district, or as a widest option, to determine the initial development flywheel to generate a secondary industrial development beside and around a prevailing business sector pre existing.

The actual effectiveness of technology transfer in developing countries is one of the major performance index utilised today to measure the integration of a concessionary business as manly is the development of an oil field within the hosting Country. The experience earned in successful initiatives as in the Gulf area and in particular the UAE, is supporting our Consultancy service, and as in the UAE, CASTLE is ready to participate as investor in the initial development of the Technology transfer project accompanying the good installation and maturation of the process itself as a tutor.