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Castle is the Managing Partner of:
Aksai Industrial Park

Aksai Industrial Park

The Aksai Industrial Park, located on the city of Aksai, West Kazakhstan Region, Republic of Kazakhstan, is functioning as Technology Hub for the entire region, covering more than half of the area of Italy, and for the neighboring region on the Caspian Sea, for a total of approx 500.000 km2

The Project is included in the 120 most important development initiatives of the road map Kazakhstan 2020, and the only one for industrial development of the western Kazakhstan.

Castle is the Managing Partner and as such has provided the development model based on Economy Scale Factor, Flexibility of Services and Products provided to local oil and Gas Market, and integration in local environment to develop the necessary human resources. The project has been considered as prototype by Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and Innovation Technology as industrialization development strategy.

As part of the Development Strategy of Industrial initiatives in Kazakhstan, CASTLE is managing partner of several of the Industrial Initiatives established within the Aksai Industrial Park


  • Specialized Welding solutions.
  • Design and provision of special welding equipments
  • Welding engineering


  • Provision of special equipment for Well Head Control
  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • DCS design and maintenance